Antonia Pia Gordon is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose highly expressive work encompasses a wide range of mediums juxtaposed in artistic dialogue. She is a painter, sculptor and writer.

    Gordon’s profuse artistic output ranges from abstract paintings that find an unusual and surprising harmony in a fearless co-existence of vivid or dramatic colours that are generally seldom combined on canvas or MDF in layer-by-layer technique in a process of many months, from perfect forms of circles to blocks linked with ethereal lines and spiced with symbolistic elements and an interaction of acryl paint with mixed media applications and mounted elements, from the painting presentation on other media, such as a Kelly-type bag to her large monochromatic and combined colour wooden cabinet TIME ICONS of various heights, mounted on wheeled bases  and integrating 3D elements such as Barbie dolls and robot toys that interact with their environment. Antonia Pia Gordon’s paintings and Time-Icon-Installations take up immediate communication with the viewer in an interaction of powerful colours and textural diversity. Gordon’s works sway between a focus on Moments of Historical Impact and intrinsic human motivational bases, and move with originality paired with vibrant energy. It is this combination that intrigues with the creation of innovative and idiosyncratic paintings and Time-Icons that invite their audience to reflect.

    Gordon takes a process-driven approach to art and tends to work in series that further develop her underlying themes. Such series are her Spheres & VorticesColorizonsMoney & LoveHell on EarthMoments of Historical ImpactPast Present Future series, each encompassing differing numbers of works.  Her varied and prolific turnout is spiked with allusions to universal questions in a search for answers, challenging her audience to find their own replies to intrinsic questions.




    My art is the catalyst for my emotions. For my whole life I was searching for balance and wisdom, until I understood that the answers lay in my art. Creativity is my life. Art is my salvation and aesthetics take me on daily spiritual journeys, through inspirations that help me to conquer and remain free. My creative process is the conscious understanding of the imagination and the inner impulses to burst the intellectual corset. I am a questioner of life’s mysteries. I am the curious child asking: “WHY?” I live to create and to offer my discoveries with pleasure to the world. Sharing beauty is my calling and taking this to the far reaches of the earth is my passion. The essence of my life is love. I am a traveller, at home everywhere; and wherever my journey takes me, either on the map of the world or within myself, I am always astonished and delighted that when I dig a little deeper or move a little further, I always find new inspirations and my journey restarts.





    “A Hint of Tomorrow with Stunning Statements of  Social and Economic Significance”

    Antonia Pia Gordon’s works are a journey, during which she challenges herself as an artist and a spirit on the move to demonstrate and search for absolute truth and in the sense of Marcel Proust’s “À la recherche du temps perdu” to develop all of her senses to examine and recognize the true essence in everything and everyone. It is her aim as an artist to examine the good and the bad and make them visible in total respect for the value of individuality, whilst posing intrinsic questions in a continual search for her inner truth and harmony, in fact for her “raison d'être”. For her art is a catalyst for the expression of experiences and transversal emotion in interaction with multi-media experiences and vivid energy.

    Her moving force “art transforming tradition” manifests itself with vivid and fearless multi-textural energy in each of her strong expressions of theme.




    Antonia Pia Gordon is a world citizen with an international outlook who is neither defined by her age nor her social status. Her life’s choices are defined by the pleasure she derives from using aesthetics to tell her life’s story.

    Antonia Pia Gordon was born in Hamburg, Germany and lives and works in the United Arab Emirates.
    She was educated in Germany, Switzerland and in France. Her diversified interests and talents manifested themselves early on in her choice of studies in French, Art, Design, and Business Administration.

    Gordon has a distinct and unmistakeable style of multi-media interdisciplinary modern and expressive art. Among these are monumental TIME ICON installations combining different styles and integrating historical and economic themes in cultural settings that pre-empt future developments reminiscent of such theorists as Rifkin. Her magnum opus is Spheres & Vortices, a series she began working on in the 1990s and which still today forms a basis for future visionary works of artistic elegance. What makes Antonia Pia Gordon's works unique are her occupation with dualities of colour and theme and the harmonic combination of opposites such as male and female, child and adult media, light and dark, serenity and chaos. Gordon possesses the exceptional ability to tame chaos with harmony and to move tradition into the modern with classical installations reminiscent of masters with modern media. She is gifted to bridge cultures with her works. Her pre-empting social and economic theorism and her visionary genius are combined with timeless fashionability.