Visionary Entrepreneur and Creative Force

“A Hint of Tomorrow with Stunning Statements of Social and Economic Significance”

Antonia Pia Gordon’s works are a journey, during which she challenges herself as an artist and a spirit on the move to demonstrate and search for absolute truth and in the sense of Marcel Proust’s “À la recherche du temps perdu” to develop all of her senses to examine and recognize the true essence in everything and everyone. It is her aim as an artist to examine the good and the bad and make them visible in total respect for the value of individuality, whilst posing intrinsic questions in a continual search for her inner truth and harmony, in fact for her “raison d'être”. For her art is a catalyst for the expression of experiences and transversal emotion in interaction with multi-media experiences and vivid energy.

Her moving force “art transforming tradition” manifests itself with vivid and fearless multi-textural energy in each of her strong expressions of theme.