Antonia Pia Gordon is a world citizen with an international outlook who is neither defined by her age nor her social status. Her life’s choices are defined by the pleasure she derives from using aesthetics to tell her life’s story.

Antonia Pia Gordon was born in Hamburg, Germany and lives and works in the United Arab Emirates.

She was educated in Germany, Switzerland and in France. Her diversified interests and talents manifested themselves early on in her choice of studies in French, Literature, Art, Design, Psychology and Business Administration.

After leaving the business world to explore the works and techniques of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, Rodin, Hockney, Warhol, participating in theatre, film, cross-cultural and media projects all over the world, and investigating different life patterns, Antonia Pia Gordon went on to leave the beaten path with her own individual artistic style creating works of art that encompass highly expressive paintings, striking sculptures and continual experiments with new materials, and eloquent and poignant writing, presenting classic thoughts in modern contexts. She participated in a number of artistic projects such as screenplay and play writing at UCLA, Los Angeles and studying and reading plays at the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Gordon has a distinct and unmistakeable style of multi-media interdisciplinary modern and expressive art. Among these are monumental TIME ICON installations combining different styles and integrating historical and economic themes in cultural settings that pre-empt future developments reminiscent of such theorists as Rifkin. Her magnum opus is Spheres & Vortices, a series she began working on in the 1990s and which still today forms a basis for future visionary works of artistic elegance. What makes Antonia Pia Gordon's works unique are her occupation with dualities of colour and theme and the harmonic combination of opposites such as male and female, child and adult media, light and dark, serenity and chaos. Gordon possesses the exceptional ability to tame chaos with harmony and to move tradition into the modern with classical installations reminiscent of masters with modern media. She is gifted to bridge cultures with her works. Her pre-empting social and economic theorism and her visionary genius are combined with timeless fashionability.

Antonia Pia Gordon’s art bears witness to the deep and secure values of tradition, whilst simultaneously questioning the staidness of tradition with breaks to move it into a forward-looking basis for innovative movement and reflection.