My art is the catalyst for my emotions. For my whole life I was searching for balance and wisdom, until I understood that the answers lay in my art. Creativity is my life. Art is my salvation and aesthetics take me on daily spiritual journeys, through inspirations that help me to conquer and remain free.

My creative process is the conscious understanding of the imagination and the inner impulses to burst the intellectual corset.

I am a questioner of life’s mysteries. I am the curious child asking: “WHY?”

I live to create and to offer my discoveries with pleasure to the world. Sharing beauty is my calling and taking this to the far reaches of the earth is my passion.

The essence of my life is love.

I am a traveller, at home everywhere; and wherever my journey takes me, either on the map of the world or within myself, I am always astonished and delighted that when I dig a little deeper or move a little further, I always find new inspirations and my journey restarts.