2017 MILAN INTERNATIONAL ART AWARD | 25th July 2017 | Italy


With Vittorio Sgarbi, Marco Travaglio, Moni Ovadia, Sandro Serradifalco

Art Direction by David Guido Pietroni


 25th July  2017

Teatro Dal Verme 

AddressVia S. Giovanni sul Muro, 2, 20121 Milano, Italy

OpenedSeptember 14, 1872

Phone+39 02 87905


MILAN – 25th of July 2017 a day dedicated to culture with

VittorIo Sgarbi, the Italian Art crItIc


We are glad to announce the first edition of the Milan International

Art Award. The prize has the purpose to promote contemporary art.

The 1° Milan International Art Award, will include several sections

dedicated to painting, to sculpture and to photography.

The artists admitted will receive the Milan Art Award and they will compete for the final phase with the assignment of further prizes.The critic committee composed by Vittorio Sgarbi will decree the winners

MILAN – dal Verme Theater

25th of July 2017

1° prize – euro 5.000,00

Further prizes:

Painting– best figurative painting – best abstract painting –

best portrait – best scenery.

Sculpture – best figurative work – best abstract work.

Photography – best portrait – best scenery

– best social theme.


11:00 – Meeting with the critic committee and release

of the official artistic merit certificates.

15:30 – Opening to the audience

16:00 - Sandro Serradifalco introduces the Award.

16:30 – Moni Ovadia – Lectura Dantis

17:15 – Sandro Serradifalco introduces Marco Travaglio

17:15-19:30 – Slurp by Marco Travaglio

19:30-20:20 – Food and beverage opening

20:30 – Sandro Serradifalco introduces Vittorio Sgarbi

21:00 – Winners’ proclamation