2017 l Florence Società delle Belle Arti- Circolo degli Artisti, Casa di Dante l October 28th 2017 to November 9th 2017

Società delle Belle Arti- Circolo degli Artisti, Dante's House

Società delle Belle Arti- Circolo degli Artisti, Casa di Dante

via Santa Margherita, I – 50122 Firenze (Fi)
 +39 055 218402
Orario di segreteria: Martedì e Giovedì –
Orario 10:00-12:00 16:00-19:00

« Carpe Diem- L’hic et nunc dell’arte »

The concept of the title and of the expo revolves around the idea that "the human being is by nature constantly "intransit”, through spaces and seasons of life, in a continuous alternation of furlough and new beginnings. Only art, therefore, freeing herself from Cronos’ aegis, remains unchangeable. The exhibition wants suggest reflections regarding on the eternal struggle between Eros andThanatos, Art and Life, between the ineluctability of a finitude of human life and the immortality of art and permanence of nature.


I have the honor to exhibit at the:



“Società delle Belle Arti- Circolo degli Artisti, Casa di Dante” is the Florence’s Fine Art Society, founded thanks to the support of  the Demidoff Princeps and of the Granduke Leopoldo II of Tuscany’s patronage in the 1840. Since the beginning, italian authorities as the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, the Italian Royal Family, the Duke of Aosta, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Interior, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, Education and Public Works, the Company of Fine arts in Milan and Turin, the sovereigns of Savoy, were part of the club. Other important and reputed artists as Vincenzo Cabianca, Odoardo Borrani, Stefano Ussi, Telemaco Signorini, Giovanni Fattori and Silvestro Lega, and other artists part of the famous artistic movement of "Macchiaioli", De Chirico, Ardengo Soffici, Pietro Annigoni e Primo Conti and plus relevant poets/writers as Giosuè Carducci and Sam Benelli, were member of this historical Society.$

The Society's headquarters is located in the heart of Florence, behind Piazza della Signoria and near the Cathedral, and today still continues its commitment in the promotion and enhancement of art, organizing solo and collective exhibitions, conferences, presentations of books, concerts and literary encounters. (http://www.circoloartisticasadante.com/modello-evento/)


The poet who had only recently finished writing the canticle of Paradise died during the night between 13 and 14 September 1321, leaving Italy and the world his Comedy, which those who came after him judged to be divine.