2017 ELEMENTS - FROM SHAPE TO SPACE |1st May to 9th July, VENICE

ELEMENTS – FROM SHAPE TO SPACE - It's LIQUID International Art Festival Misericordia Chapel and  Archives, Sestiere of Cannaregio, Venice

May 01 - July 09, 2017



 “My soul is a sphere that resonates with its surroundings” I was inspired to create Zen-like peaceful and energizing visual reverberation art: my Gong Zens and with them ring in an era of silent visual sound.


Following exhibitions and Biennales among other places in Shanghai, Tokyo, Miami, Amsterdam Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Venice, Antonia Pia Gordon, an international artist originating from Germany is exhibiting this year at LIQUID International Art Festival: ELEMENTS FROM SHAPE TO SPACE, at Misericordia Chapel and Archives, Venice, showing exceptional pieces of two of her multi-media art series: her newest GONG ZENS and SPHERES & VORTICES. They are a stunningly abstract quest for wholeness intertwined with Anima Mundi executed in her signature bold colour interactions and theme catapulting classic tradition into the modern.

Antonia Pia Gordon was born in Hamburg, Germany and lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. She was educated in Hamburg, Zurich and Paris. She studied French, Art, Design, and Business Administration.


 PHONE NO : +393371440557