2017 Biennale MEART - 9TH TO 12TH OF MARCH - Monte Pellegrino Exhibition park of Favorita





Biennale Venecia 2017 Collateral Event

2017 Biennale MEART - 9TH TO 12TH OF MARCH l Monte Pellegrino Exhibition park of Favorita

The international Biennale of Art of the Mediterranean Sea, is an event created to involve several artistic experiences in the first great worldwide meeting. Painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video art and pottery.

An occasion to meet up and to know tradition and innovation.

A prestigious artistic space in which visitors can buy artworks from all over the world.

Paolo Levi is an art critic, a journalist, an essayer and author of monographies and art volumes.

The Fair of “Mediterraneo” is one of the most important Italian Fair and it’s in Palermo. The fair has been organized for 65 editions (form 1946 to 2008 and then 2015 and 2016), and every year local and foreign products have been exhibited in the fair stands. The fair was born in 1946 and for this occasion a triangle shaped area of about fourteen hectares has been created to the hillside of Monte
Pellegrino, next to one of the entrance of the Park of Favorita. During the years this area reached a surface of 86,000 m², becoming the mirror of the economic growth of those years. 

 Antonia Pia Gordon: MeArt Biennale Palermo from March 9 to March 12, 2017

International award-winning artist Antonia Pia Gordon is exhibiting as Art Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates in the defined area for Asia at the MeArt Biennale in Palermo from March 9 to March 12, 2017.  Gordon lives in Dubai and her multi-media works that bridge technology and tradition have found their way into a number of private collections worldwide and have given inspiration to textile design, haute couture, architectural fabrics and interior design.  At the MeArt Antonia Pia Gordon will be showing 6 works from her fine art series Spheres & Vortices and 10 pieces of art from her technology meets art series entitled Empty Quarter.

Gordon’s fine art series Spheres & Vortices is composed of multimedia canvas with courageous but surprisingly complementing textured colour combinations. The sphere, vortex and the circle as symbols of the soul’s journey through the ever-changing phases of life are recurring themes in Gordon’s ambient aura art.

Technology meets Art in Gordon’s Empty Quarter series.

Gordon’s Empty Quarter series spans computer designed and 3D-printed geomorphology carved into wood via aqueous dunes and culminates in a depiction of eternal but serene emptiness representing the Empty Quarter itself. Inspired by Rub al Khali that translates to the “quarter of emptiness” and is the renowned world-largest sea of sand covering an area greater than Spain and sweeping across four Arab nations: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen, Gordon’s Empty Quarter series is witness to her unique ability to grasp nature in tangible art using a combination of cutting-edge technology and artistic adeptness. The Empty Quarter’s sinuous serenity of longitudinal motion has been a source of inspiration for countless fictions and film documentaries. It remains largely unexplored and exerts mystical fascination. Typical for Gordon’s art the inspirational wind-swept sand dunes themselves represent the duality of one of the harshest no-man lands simultaneously being an oasis of beautiful light interaction and the most oil-rich site in the world – a caesura in mankind’s ability to conquer nature and simultaneously an exuberance of transient ambient beauty. In ancient times the home of frankincense caravans, the vast Empty Quarter has metamorphosed over past millenniums into a terrain that is no longer easy to navigate. It forms a motional focal space around which flourishing centres of modern architecture such as Dubai and ancient Bedouin societies cohabit on the edges of the linear longitudinal dunes that are among the worldwide 30 sites of singing sand. Once a place of plenty, the Empty Quarter now gives rise to plenty around it, both modern and traditional for example with the Bedouin leather mastery and the modern architecture of the United Arab Emirates. Country borders have never been drawn into the continually meandering waves of the sand highlighting the dunes and with a wink to this Gordon has represented these in her picture LINES IN THE SAND by drawing the colours of the United Arab Emirates as imagined borders into the sand. Gordon’s undulating focal art pieces of the Empty Quarter series pay homage to the transience of nature and to plenty arisen to by change.  They are an elegant artistic ode to the landscapes of continual transformation and to the atmospheric sanctum of colours that are an integral part of the United Arab Emirates and an invitation to the beholder to bathe the soul’s eye in undulating grace. This art series is a witness to Gordon’s ability to create serene ambience with depth and to move with the world that is her muse in a manner that bridges culture and space by mastering the universal time-spanning language of art.