Premio Internazionale Tiepolo

April 21. 2016


At the Clerici Palace (headquarters of the auction house Christie's) in Milano.



Exhibition of “IN THE GARDEN OF MY SOUL”

As part of the the awards ceremony  in the Pirelli Room.
Special Guest: Josè Van Roy Dalì, painter and heir of Salvador Dalì and Gala.

Clerici Palace, in Milan, is considered a kind of Versailles. It was bought by the Clerici Family during the second half of VII century. It was beautified during the first years of VIII century and became one of the most elegant private mansions of the Hapsburg reign. Today it is one of the most amazing place in Milan, and inside it, it is possible to visit what in 1942 became the “ISPI” office (International Politics Studies Institute) and the Tiepolo Gallery.<wbr />clerici-palace

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