The Antonia Pia Gordon Contribution

Giving back to the community “In many aspects of life I was lucky others are not”

Antonia’s appeal for Donations for Hurricane Relief to the Turks & Caicos Red Cross

The Turks and Caicos Islands suffered the effects of being in the path of two meteorological systems within two weeks. First, Tropical Storm Hanna hit the island over an extended number of days from Sunday 31 August to Wednesday 3 September 2008. The path of this system was erratic and it effectively circled the chain of islands for the period reported, bringing torrential rainfall and resulting in major flooding in many of the communities of these islands. The second system was Hurricane Ike which passed just south of the Turks and Caicos Islands on 6 September, as a Category 4 hurricane, with 135 mph wind. Winds caused roof damage and Storm surge flooded the Providenciales and Five Cays. Many roads were inundated and suffered damage, including to a recently completed causeway linking North Caicos  and Middle Caicos Islands.There were also reports of fishermen boats in and near the Caicos Islands that were washed ashore or sunk during the storm