Art by Antonia Pia Gordon

Antonia Pia Gordon is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose highly expressive work encompasses a wide range of mediums juxtaposed in artistic dialogue. She is a painter, sculptor and writer.

Gordon’s profuse artistic output ranges from abstract paintings that find an unusual and surprising harmony in a fearless co-existence of vivid or dramatic colours that are generally seldom combined on canvas or MDF in layer-by-layer technique in a process of many months, from perfect forms of circles to blocks linked with ethereal lines and spiced with symbolistic elements and an interaction of acryl paint with mixed media applications and mounted elements, from the painting presentation on other media, such as a Kelly-type bag to her large monochromatic and combined colour wooden cabinet TIME ICONS of various heights, mounted on wheeled bases  and integrating 3D elements such as Barbie dolls and robot toys that interact with their environment. Antonia Pia Gordon’s paintings and Time-Icon-Installations take up immediate communication with the viewer in an interaction of powerful colours and textural diversity. Gordon’s works sway between a focus on Moments of Historical Impact and intrinsic human motivational bases, and move with originality paired with vibrant energy. It is this combination that intrigues with the creation of innovative and idiosyncratic paintings and Time-Icons that invite their audience to reflect.

Gordon takes a process-driven approach to art and tends to work in series that further develop her underlying themes. Such series are her Spheres & Vortices, Colorizons, Money & Love, Hell on Earth, Moments of Historical Impact, Past Present Future series, each encompassing differing numbers of works.  Her varied and prolific turnout is spiked with allusions to universal questions in a search for answers, challenging her audience to find their own replies to intrinsic questions.

In her own words: “My art is a journey transforming tradition and fathoming inner truth, while presenting an outlet for expressive emotions.”